Directional Drilling – The popular ‘no-dig’ technique

Directional drilling is a popular technique which is widely used in the UK. It’s primarily used for the installation of pressure pipes, electricity and communications cables due to it’s trenchless excavation.

Directional drilling involves the installation of a pilot rod into virgin ground, which is steered from above ground using a tracking device. The head of the pilot rod is eccentrically loaded, so that rotational steering can take place.

Once the pilot rods have reached their destination point, the product pipe is attached to the front pilot rod. The rig then pulls back the rods, thus pulling back the new pipe, along the line of the pilot rods.

Directional drilling offers the following benefits:

  • Pipes of any material can be jointed into a continuous length, including steel, polyethylene and PVC
  • Pipe diameters can range from 50mm to 1000mm
  • Pipe lengths of over 1000 metres can be achieved
  • Mud recycling and biodegradable drilling fluids reduce waste to landfill
  • Accuracies +/- 100mm can be achieved
  • Suitable for a variety of ground conditions including clay, sands, chalks, ballasts and gravels

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