Pitch fibre reforming

Pitch Fibre pipes are a notoriously poor product installed from the 1940s through to the late 1970s.

It has no structural strength and becomes misshaped from undue loading; it also delaminates and blisters internally causing solids to hold in the system.

It is widely believed that the pipe work has a forty year life expectancy; fortunately no-dig processes have now been developed to relieve the disruption of traditional excavation methods.


A re-rounding head is winched through the defective section of pipe work restoring the line to its original shape and condition whilst removing any internal blisters.

A pipe relining system is then introduced before being inflated; the cured liner leaves a smooth internal finish and offers structural support to the host pitch fibre pipe work.

Junctions & Changes of Direction:

Bends and junctions on these systems usually require excavation and are often found to be a different material such as vitrified clay or cast iron. We can in most cases utilise these excavations as host pits for the winching equipment.


We’ve found that often pitch fibre pipe work is used on housing estates, schools, hospitals and holiday camps. Our no-dig method of pipe lining repair reduces the upheaval and disturbance associated with excavation and speeds up the repair process.

For all pitch fibre pipe work, our drain lining equipment can ensure structural strength for years to come.

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